I currently teach Psychology of Education and Classroom Management to music students at the National University of Music in Bucharest, through the Teaching Staff Training Department. I am very passionate about teaching and about my students. I strongly believe that education can only evolve if we, as educators strive daily to be better than the teachers we had. Paradigms of education are constantly changing and the practice of teaching has to keep up with these changes.

Current Teaching

  • Present2016

    Practice Tutor


    University of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Faculty of Psychology
    At the “Dogs for People” Animal Assisted Therapy and Human-Animal Interaction Center in Bucharest, I am a practice tutor for the psychology students that come to learn about animal-assisted interventions for children with disabilities

  • Present2015

    Psychology of Education


    National University of Music, Bucharest.
    Psychology of Education is taught in the first semester for first year students, as  part of the Teaching Module.

  • Present2016

    Classroom Management


    National University of Music, Bucharest
    Classroom Management is taught in the second semester for third year students, as part of the Teaching Module.