Human-animal interaction, or anthrozoology is a growing field of interest in research. Evidence of the benefits of human animal interaction in the context of Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities are already plentiful, but more research is needed into uncovering the mechanisms of change. Also a lot of the research is focused on pets and our interaction with our pets since a lot of animal welfare issues can arise from improper human behavior towards animals.


  • Human-Animal Interaction
  • Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities
  • Animal Behavior
  • Animal Welfare
  • Ethology
  • Education and Learning

Research Projects

  • No stress with Four Paws

    Reduction of exam-related anxiety in students through interaction with animals

    This research project was developed with my colleagues from the “Dogs for People” Animal Assisted Therapy and Human Animal Interaction Research Center in Bucharest. Students were allowed to interact with therapy dogs one hour before a scheduled exam. An academic anxiety test was administered pre and post interaction with animals. Preliminary results indicate a statistically significant reduction of anxiety, of about 20%. Data analysis is still in progress.

    more pictures from the project here

Research Resources

Free research software

Behavioral analysis, coding and sequential analysis

Solomon Coder 





Social Network Analysis



Animal Population Research

Distance – Distance sampling surveys of wildlife populations

Vortex – Population Viability Analysis

ArcGis  – Online Mapping Application

Maxent  – Species Habitat Modeling

Garp – predict and analyze wild species distributions